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About Allie

Allie Burger is the Founder and CEO of ETTA, a mission-driven technology company transforming The Future of Fashion™.  

As a Business Designer, researcher, and journalist, she’s obsessed with connecting the dots between data and design to solve complex problems. She believes in getting to what works, faster, by prototyping everything, building a blueprint and telling the right story.


With more than 10 years of experience, Allie has been fortunate to work in-house for some of the most innovative companies in technology and media, including Disney, Tesla, Accenture, NBC Universal and Fox. She also has extensive client-facing experience collaborating with and consulting for Fortune 500 executive teams across all functions and major industries, including Kaiser Permanente, Airbnb, Microsoft, Nike, Cisco and Best Buy, among many others.


Allie has a Master of Science in Journalism with a Sports Media Specialization from Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism, BA in Journalism and Business from the University of Oregon. 


In her free time, Allie is passionate about empowering young women globally through technology, leadership and sport by way of Girls Who Code, Special Olympics and Israel Lacrosse.

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